Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just a Little Leaven

Have you ever made homemade yeast bread? 

You take a little lump out of the dough every week and you set it on the kitchen window sill and let the yeast grow in that little bitty lump. And next week, when you get ready to make the dough you get your flour out, you get that little bit of lump and you put it in your flour, and you mix it up, and you let that bread rise. And when it rises, you mash it back down again, and you let it rise a second time.

My goodness, it’s a whole lot easier to go to the store and just buy a loaf of bread, isn't it?
But when it rises that second time, you take out a little piece, just a little lump and you set it on the windowsill for next week and the next loaf.

Why? - because a little leaven leavens the whole loaf.

That's the good news!
As Julie Andrews sang: a spoonful of sugar (just a little bit of sugar) helps the medicine go down - a little bit of goodness leavens the whole loaf.

Well, don’t miss it - because a little bit of badness ruins the loaf as well. 

The church must leaven the whole world - because the church is the leaven. It's the little bit of yeast that’s going to leaven and grow the whole human family for God.

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